Thursday, November 21, 2019

People of Hindu the Culture Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

People of Hindu the Culture - Assignment Example This paper illustrates that the Hindu culture is unique and nurses need to recognize that Indians have different perceptions towards health and wellbeing. Therefore, nurses need to understand the critical aspects that define the Hindu culture. For example, the Hindu culture exhibits stringent practices of nutrition that healthcare providers should take note of, as this paper will highlight. Food is a critical part of life in Hinduism. The people associate food with their God. They recognize that food is responsible for nurturing the different aspects of the human being. Hindus do not take food for granted, but rather recognize it as a gift from their God Brahman. For this reason, the people respect food and say a number of prayers before partaking food. There are strict rules governing the preparation of food as well as the ingredients of the Hindu food. The Hindu culture prohibits beef and pork. Notably, the bee is from the cows, which have a representative symbol of a mother. On th e other hand, the Hindu view pigs as unclean, and hence pork should not be an ingredient in their food. Many people of the Hindu culture believe that it is wrong to slaughter animals a factor that causes them pain. For this reason, many of the Hindu people avoid animal products and adopt a stringent vegetarian diet. Women who are responsible for preparing food take a birth before any of the ingredients. In addition, there are specific prayers said before cooking the food. When these conditions are met, a woman can then begin food preparation. Hindus observe high levels of cleanliness before partaking food. The male members of the family lead prayers said before undertaking the food. The Hindu people offer thanksgiving through a different set of prayers after eating. The Hindu culture places emphasis on the ritual and mystical significance of food. Since the food is a representation of Brahman, the people usually consider food as God. There are certain mental attitudes associated wit h the person cooking food. In addition, people hold different beliefs towards different types of food. The Hindu culture prohibits the consumption of impure food because it affects the person eating.

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